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Native American Drums pad Rawhide lamp Shades, Native American drums and southwest rugs and runners have made southwest decor one of the most popular decorating themes in the country. When it comes to rustic chic in both furniture and accessories, southwestern style can make a home warm and inviting. Western decorating and southwest decor go hand in hand using the same elements of rich color and texture to bring the ranch feel to any room. Use rustic hand carved wooden dough bowls or kiva ladders and authentic clay Indian pottery for perfect southwestern accents. For a cabin, there is no substitute for southwest area rugs and rustic lamps with rawhide lampshades on genuine Indian drum tables. Visit Mission Del Rey online store for the best in rustic southwest decor.

Rawhide Lamp Shades

Since early in the twentieth century rawhide lamp shades have been a popular way for decorators to bring warmth and texture to rustic lamps and lighting. What began in country homes and cottages became the express of an entire style in southwest and western decorating. As cabins and lodges became a part of the American experience rawhide lamp shades were propelled once again to a place of prominance. So much so, that now rawhide shades are the standard for decorative antler lamps and chandeliers in log homes, ranches and suburban home desiring a rustic flair.

Native American Drums

Along with the mystery of a Native culture that uses shaman drums and rattles, feathers and sacred herbs, people sometimes ask why Native people use drums in their Native American music and how they came to be such a sacred part of the culture and Native American heritage. To understand this, one has to understand the history and culture of the Native American people. Drums have been a part of their tradition as long as they have existed, to soothe the mind and reach the soul. Drums are used in healing ceremonies and flutes comfort small children and babies. Drumming is believed to reunite the drummer with all forms of life and the relationship between the drum and the drummer is believed to be a spiritual, life-long relationship. Painted drums depict aspects of Native life and make beautiful rustic home accessories. Large pow wow drums are perfect for southwest tables, end tables and western coffee tables.

Southwest Rugs & Runners

There is probably no better expression of the old west and southwest tradition than that seen in the hand weavings of Native Americans. Navajo weavers for years made mats and blankets which became famous and led to the trade blanket industry of the late 1800's when trading posts would trade for Indian handcrafts. Now days southwest rugs and table runners and place mats in rich handwoven wool put the perfect finishing touch on any rustic living room, family room, dining room, bedroom or den.

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