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February 26, 2013 on 3:18 am

Western Art

Western art features an array of special details that signify parts of western history. While many pieces of art work feature vibrant colors and pencil drawings, many depict special individuals that are well-known or unknown to the viewing audience. The artists that create the pieces often have a unique eye for western details that help make each work of art special all on its own.

The concept of art featuring a western essence dates back to the 17th century and further depending on which aspect you focus on. There are different classifications of western art that symbolize different cultures, eras and generations. Some art is considered ancient classical art that was first created in Greece around 1100 BC. The renaissance era around the 15th century includes spiritual aspects that also influenced poetry, world renowned sculptures and other artists such Michelangelo. Certain religions such as Roman Catholic also played a role in how various artworks were developed.

Modern art came later which includes different forms such as Art Deco and Conceptual Art. While there is a long history that includes different cultures and spiritual beliefs, gaining a better understanding of the history of different western pieces give art admirers another perspective about the work itself. Western pieces of art may include Indian art and Chinese art. Many art pieces that you view may feature details from other cultures that are easy to pick out but give the artwork a unique presence. Tapestry, stained glass and sculptures are examples of art that existed before printed art (print press).

Art pieces made on a canvas with either oils and acrylic or pencil sketching depict different western themes that many find timeless. Popular art pieces may feature traditional symbols of Indian or Native American culture along with cowboys and even leaders and head hunters from earlier times. The pencil drawings are often created in pencil but with different shades of gray. The details may be drawn by hand but sometimes the art is inspired by an old photograph. Some photographs date back to the early 1900’s. Some Native American’s are drawn in different pieces of art, yet the artist may not know exactly who the person is featured in photo.

Artwork of western origin is a creative way to show respect for those we may not know, but hold a special part in history. Different works of art are ways to remember and pass along traditions from the past. Art pieces that have been inspired by western culture may include details about the history of the art. For instance, there are various art pieces available that feature prominent Native Americans from different parts of the United States. Many art pieces are created with oils and acrylic giving them unique color hues with southwestern themes in mind. Many western art pieces with Native Americans give details about the photo that inspired the artwork and the artist who created it.

February 2, 2013 on 2:42 am

Southwest Rugs

Southwest rugs offer unique color tones that please the eye and give a type of rustic charm to the room. Their historical significance dates back over one hundred years and brings with the history, special designs, textures and techniques of weaving. If you understand what it is that you are looking for, choosing the perfect rug will enhance your room and pull together the look for which you are striving.

There are a few factors to consider while reviewing rug choices that may help you avoid clashing with the rest of your decor. Rugs that feature a southwestern design tend to complement each other when blended with other rugs. If you plan on purchasing rugs for more than one room, this is something to consider. Many rug designs feature unique patterns that stand out when other southwestern rugs are present. When desiring a room with a warm look, try using a rug with subtle colors and soft geometric designs.

Consider the area where you wish to place your rug. The type of rug you want to display should be influenced by the type of flooring in the room. Rugs with warm bold designs are complimented by hardwood floors. Since many rugs are hand woven, the textures will also stand out against the floor. You may also want to consider the setting of the room in which you intend to place your southwest inspired rug. The wall can be used as a back drop to show off your southwestern rug. There are even rugs that are best used on a wall as an accent to the floor area. This can help create a comfortable and warm setting whether the room is a family room, game room or dining area. Consider other pieces of decor that will serve as accent pieces for the rug. There may be certain decor in the room that you want to accent with your choice of rug.

Pottery, stained glass, basketry and sculptures are complimented by Native American inspired rugs. You may want to think about what kind of foot traffic the rug will endure to ensure purchasing a durable high quality piece. Dark bold geometric patterns not only make a statement when you enter in the room, they also make a good choice for those who may experience high foot traffic.

What feel or appearance are you looking to achieve for the room? Rugs can also create a spiritual and tranquil feeling to the room. Certain designs featuring popular Native American prints that are great for creating a western cabin or lodge look provide a more entertaining element. Rugs with earthy tones provide a natural look and allow furniture to blend nicely. To brighten up a room, try using a southwest rug with vibrant and modern hues.

January 19, 2013 on 1:57 am

Western Lamps

Western lamps offer unique lighting, thanks to the various natural materials from which they are made. The lamps are known to inspire or enhance southwestern decorating themes while adding a special touch to the room. Many lamps feature unique details that make them a must have for certain decorating themes including log home, cabin, ranch, country and cowboy. Many of the lamps are hand forged giving them authentic details that date back many centuries.

When choosing the best lamp to add to your decor, consider lamps with a western flair. There are lamps that are made of wrought iron and rawhide that help create a rustic warm look with old west essence. The height of the lamp is something to consider, with many averaging around 30 inches in height. Western lamps offer comfort used as a corner accent piece, a stand alone piece on a table, as a window display or on an end table.

Wrought iron lamps are one of the most popular types of western lamps that offer a masculine feel. They are great for adding lighting to a den and living room areas. Lamps with western accents may include unique lampshades that often blend well with other specific decor items. Leather and rawhide lampshades are a few examples that can accent other pieces in the room. Other items may include rugs, pottery and wall hangings. Such lamps are known for adding rustic sophistication to a room without being over powering.

Many handcrafted designs are available on line, however, a smaller amount can be found in stores. Helping to create the authentic, rustic look you’re striving for, these are the type you’ll want to choose. Plus, there are wide varieties that are made with different natural materials like antler. With a wider variety you have a better chance of finding the right lamp for your lighting and decorating needs. There are different styles from which to choose that may complement the decor you already have displayed in your room.

Wrought iron lamps are also known for their straight line style. There are decorative lamps that feature contoured curves and twists. Many lamps offer an elegant rustic feel while others create a relaxed country appearance. Lamps that feature wrought iron may oxidize overtime; Most people really like this feature as it adds a natural beauty element to the overall piece as it ages.

Rawhide and pigskin lampshades also offer a unique style and go nicely with rustic lighting. Because the skin is slightly translucent, a warm glow will be cast. Care and maintenance is an important factor to think about when choosing your lamp. If you choose a rawhide lampshade, remember the material will expand and contract against the humidity and heat of the light bulb. To maintain the natural colors and quality of the shade, keep your lamp away from direct sunlight. Western lamps can last for many years with the proper care so they are a wise investment.

December 18, 2012 on 7:03 am

Western Pillow Shams

Many western pillow shams are made with quality materials that contribute to their rich color tones. Since prices vary for shams, it’s understandable that you’ll want to invest in a good product, remembering that they can either be handmade or manufactured in a factory setting. With most shams used as decor accents, you’ll want something that is easy to care for while blending in with your current decor.

Become familiar with the different fabrics western style shams are made with. Marisol fabric offers many durable blends which may include materials such as cotton, acrylic and polyester. Other fabrics may include rayon and Bessie Gulch. When featured with different patterns or textures, shams that are constructed of faux leather provide a uniquely different rustic look. Many times, western pillow shams are made from wool or a wool blend.

Review care instructions noted on the shams. You’ll want to ensure that you can maintain their colors and know how to take care of the fabrics when purchasing new pillow shams. Some may suggest you dry clean them only, while others may ask that you machine or hand wash them. In most cases, pillow shams are the focal point of the room so a good quality sham with easy care instructions is of utmost importance. Special designs featured on the sham may also affect how they should be cleaned such as ruffles or leather fringing.

Study the different types of pillow shams and also their sizes. It is interesting to note that there are pillow shams that are not only reversible but that are made from organic textiles with different thread counts. There are different closure methods for shams such as fold, button or zipper. There are solid colors available along with amazing designs that are popular. The right size sham can also make a difference in overall quality for your needs. Check dimensions of the sham you intend to purchase against the size of the pillow you have.

Consider purchasing a new comforter set if you can’t settle on individual shams. There are a variety of shams that can be purchased alone without the complete bedding set. Yet, in some cases, some designs are only available with an entire comforter set which may include sheets and window treatments. The complete set may be an option if you are looking to create a new look or theme for your bedroom. When decorating your sofa or love seat, a variety of small colorful shams may be used as well as a few in a single western design.

Review pillow sham options available locally and on line. Local retailers may offer a variety of shams but usually, the selection is limited. By shopping at a local retailer, you’ll be able to examine the shams to determine if they are the quality you desire. On line options allow you to compare prices, sham details and review available designs. There are retailers that specialize in western decor, so if you are aiming to achieve a certain look for your pillows take a few moments to review on line retailers.

It does not have to be complicated to choose shams that produce a western look in your room. Yet, because it is an investment that helps you achieve the look you want for your room, you want quality western pillow shams that are long lasting and attractive to the eye while being easy to maintain.

November 21, 2012 on 7:23 pm

Western Placemats

Placemats with a western flair can add interest and be culturally entertaining in your dining area. While giving your table a unique look, these western style placemats are made of both quality and interesting textures. There are many different types of placemats from which to choose that can help celebrate different occasions. The vast choice of themes will help you choose from an array of interesting styles.

Placemats with a western theme may feature special designs that are either photographic or line art patterns. To name a few of photo inspired placemats would include horses, cattle, cowboys and Indians. Many photo placemats have good color images that feature western color schemes including shades of browns, oranges and blues. Native American patterns as well as graphics may be featured designs that appear to have an antique appearance.

For special occasions, it’s fun to use a western theme. There are different designs for children such as the birthday cowgirl or graduation design featuring a gold star. Some designs that bring inspiration would include those that host tall mountains and trees surrounded by lake waters at sunset. Special placemats can help you celebrate great moments in your life and certain designs will be sure to offer encouragement. There are many patterns that can be used to blend in with western decor.

Placemat designs may be inspired by different subjects such as animals, art and architecture. Some designs may feature elements of the vintage Old West. These elements will offer inspiration to a western theme table setting. Placements that include a cabin, lodge, bears, and moose are common themes. Popular colors including brown, blue, gray, turquoise and black help set the tone for a western theme.

The material they are made from is an important element of western inspired placemats. Many of these are made of wood, fabric, faux fur, leather and faux leather. While there are different styles from which to choose, make sure you understand how to care for your placemats. Special care must be observed if you wish to preserve and maintain them in wonderful condition. In addition, a large assortment of matching placemats and table runners is available. Size is an element to consider when choosing placemats since they are made in different dimensions.

Using western themed placemats in your table setting can be easy once you know what colors you want to use. Along with a matching table runner, placemats can be interesting conversation pieces to have. Note different embellishments that may be featured including fringed ends or bold decorative patterns. Wooden furniture and rustic elements are accented nicely with them. The textures also bring a unique touch to the table setting. Western placemats not only have a visual appeal, they help protect furniture from hot and cold plates, spills, and moisture buildup. And don’t forget that your western placemats can also be used on your night stands or side tables for surface protection and added interest to your western decor.

November 3, 2012 on 12:27 am

Western Style Bedding

Western style bedding is offered in many different colors and designs which will help you to create ranch, southwestern or cabin style decor. However, it is possible to become confused by such a wide selection of the themes or styles that are offered. Having an idea when you begin, of the colors and details you would like to incorporate, will help you to narrow down your vast selection of choices.

Start by understanding what themes are available to you. There are different themes that may help you achieve the look and feel you’re going for. Your bedroom can have a finished look using the right colors and designs. You may also notice common themes but with different color variations. Many themes are available such as nature with forests and mountains, animals such as horses and bulls, and eye-catching  Native American patterns.

Begin by reviewing different colors, styles and textures. Colors can help set the tone for the room, and in some cases, it may help determine what bedding is best for the setting. Pay close attention to how colors are used in the bedding. Many elements of nature are captured which can include mountains, forests and wetlands. Other textures that prove to be good in bedding are leather, suede, velvet and cowhide. Note embellishments you may or may not want such as embroidery, fringes or other added stitching.

With the many different bedding designs from which to choose, how does your style compare? If you enjoy the great outdoors, you may enjoy rustic bedding that features trees and mountains. Look for bedding options with deer, wolves, horses or moose if you enjoy animals. Native American southwestern designs, which are commonly found in ranch environments, are amazing choices if your tastes lean towards patterned designs. While complimenting your home, your choice of bedding can be a reflection of your special personality.

Secondly, you should note the quality of the bedding. This can give you an idea of its durability. Learn what material and fabric is used to create the bedding such as wool or synthetic fibers. Less expensive choices may require little special care, however, if you’re desire is for warmth, consider a product such as merino wool.

Next, decide on whether to purchase a whole new set or just pieces to complete your bedding decor. You may not need to purchase an entire bedding set to achieve the look you are going for with such attractive colors, designs and themes available. If you have sheets or shams that are solid in color, you may consider mixing and matching pieces for added interest.

One last thought is to continue to have an open mind when you’re shopping. Many retailers offer an array of brands that give a large amount of bedding themes. You’ll come across a variety of categories to help you narrow your search such as rustic cabin and ranch style. Common themes that are bestsellers with western bedding include the old-fashioned quilt that features patchwork as well as a variety of outdoor sportsman’s themes.

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