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June 19, 2010 on 8:18 am
Native American Knives

Native American Knives

For many people, a knife is just a mundane item that is used for cutting or slicing. But to the Native American Indians, knives held a more significant role and purpose.

Native American men have developed their skills not only as a hunter but also as a fighter throughout the years. Their activities required weapons. The use of a knife has always been an essential part of their everyday lives. These cultural icons have been made throughout many generations as well as other kinds of weapons.

It is interesting to note that most Native American knives have decorated handles. They are much different than any other store bought knife. Imagine a knife handle made of carefully fitted deer bone, antlers or even a deer foot.  Different kind of leather, furs and beads or traditional quillwork add a touch of beauty to these knives. The blades themselves are very interesting. To produce an overall rustic design, the metals are cut in unique forms.

At one time, Native American knives were used as throwing knives for attacking during battle. As interesting as it sounds, warfare for Native Americans was not focused on physical aspects or the number of casualties, but more importantly, the spiritual experience that could be gained.

Native Americans do have a great sense of affinity and connection to the environment. They used these resources as part of their weaponry like a blessing from the Great Spirit. Their knives are made to function, but at the same time, they are constructed with the idea of being closer to nature and harnessing the spiritual essence around them.

As an unusual artistic artifact, these knives are commonly sought after. From the base of the handle to the tip of the blade, they are awesome pieces to include in your collection. The handles are very unique and the blades show their unique craftsmanship.

For those who are really passionate about Native American weaponry and craftsmanship, these knives would be a good part of your collection. There are many who collect knives during their entire adult lifetime.  These are passed down to their son and grandson many times.

For those who want to collect cultural artifacts, the Native American knife will provide you with a lot of inspiration, as well as appreciation for the historical culture and rustic art of the Native Americans.

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